The Quemahoning Family Recreation Area (QFRA) is the product of a partnership between the Cambria Somerset Authority (CSA) and Summer’s Best Two Weeks (SB2W). In 2001, CSA and SB2W entered into an operating agreement that provided the opportunity for SB2W to build a Camp on a fifty-acre (50) peninsula reaching into the beautiful Lake Quemahoning in exchange for developing and managing the QFRA. Construction began in 2002 on the QFRA and the SB2W Que Camp facility.

The partnership between CSA and SB2W has provided substantial resources to improve tourism and recreation in our region. It is helpful to understand that while the CSA owns the Quemahoning Reservoir and surrounding lands, including the QFRA, SB2W funds and manages the operation of the QFRA. Over the past 20 years, SB2W has invested over $1 million dollars in the capital projects and operational net losses at the QFRA.

There are no tax dollars received by SB2W for the operation of the QFRA. The only revenue comes from usage fees charged to day and overnight guests. As of 2022, there has never been a year that revenue exceeded expense; SB2W operates at net loss every year. Thank you for your patronage and recognition that the fees you pay and your general care of the QFRA help us provide this fantastic resource for all who come to the Quemahoning.